Healthcare Practitioners Choose MYOCARE

MYOCARE receives daily referrals from our healthcare community. Healthcare professionals trust MYOCARE for our clinical approach to neuromuscular and massage therapy, as well as our stress and pain management services. In many cases, our services are utilized in conjunction with other healthcare practices.

Many professionals acknowledge that pain plays a key role in how a patient recovers from their conditions. Without relief from pain, the body (and mind) cannot focus on recovery, thus remain “traumatized”, “unyielding” and “inflexible”. Removing pain first is essential to the healing process.


Physicians have referred their patients to MYOCARE to address the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular aspects of various conditions, disorders and injuries. Our “hands-on” soft-tissue therapy services have been utilized for pre and post-operative soft-tissue management, work-related injuries, sports injuries; conditions such as Fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain issues. Our medical and orthopedic community has long since recognized the benefits that clinical soft-tissue therapy can provide to their patients, especially in the areas of pain relief and improved muscle flexibility. Ask your doctor about the benefits.


Most chiropractors recommend that their patients come to MYOCARE for deep-tissue and neuromuscular therapy in order to reduce muscular tension which pulls excessively on spinal attachments. In addition, many chiropractors have acknowledged a more successful spinal adjustment when the muscles are made more pliable, thus most recommend a soft-tissue treatment prior to a chiropractic visit.

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists utilize MYOCARE in order for their patients to tolerate and maximize their rehabilitation process. By removing pain and increasing flexibility in the soft tissue, patients frequently require less treatment duration. This combined approach is noticeably effective and longer lasting.


Muscular tension is the body’s response to stress, discomfort and pain. Those who suffer from anxiety and/or depression have benefited from our hands-on soft-tissue therapy. Psychologists and Professional Counselors highly suggest that their clients receive massages on a regular basis to remove the negative effects of stress and to help with coping skills.


The dental community refers to MYOCARE for the purposes of addressing TMJ disorders. There are specific muscles of the jaw that play an integral role in the balance of the temporomandibular joints. When these muscles become overly tight, such is the case with excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding, they will produce and imbalance in the position of the jaw, causing pain and discomfort. Our manual therapy skills provide an effective adjunct to dental protocols and practices.

Personal Trainers

Personal and athletic trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors all recommend their clients to MYOCARE with the essential goal of keeping muscles flexible, removing lactic acid build-up and preventing any injuries from occurring during their training. Soft-tissue therapy enables the body to recover more quickly and may enhance performance.

MYOCARE is a trusted name within our healthcare community. To discover more about the benefits of clinical soft-tissue therapy and to find out specifically how it can help you, ask your healthcare practitioner or contact our clinic.